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Favorite Apple Recipes for Fall

We’re just about to roll into all things and flavors fall. No offense to you pumpkin spice folks, but I’m all about apple cider and maple in the fall, so today, let’s talk about all the great things we can make with apples, fall’s favorite produce {sorry, pumpkin}.

While we’re not exactly able to pick apples the same way here in Florida as we were in Virginia and in upstate New York, we still have a bounty of fresh apples showing up in the grocery stores as we roll into fall. And in my opinion, it’s never too early to start rolling out the apple recipes and filling your house with the scents of cider and cinnamon.

We make a lot of different apple recipes around here, from drinks to baked goods to savory goods, depending on what you’re in the mood for. This isn’t a comprehensive list of those, but we pulled a few from here or there that might whet your appetite for something other than pumpkin as we start creeping into the {for some of you all at least!} cooler months!

6 Favorite Apple Recipes for Fall

Mulled Apple Cider

We’ll start with an easy one! There’s nothing quite like homemade apple cider, but add to it a little bit of spice and citrus and maybe a splash of something fun, and you’ve got something pretty awesome on your hands!

Turkey Stuffed Acorn Squash with Apples

This one was something of a surprise favorite around our house! I live with two reluctant squash eaters, but it turns out when you stuff something full of apples and sausage and layer it up with cheese, it’s pretty irresistible! We love baking these on cool evenings.

Chicken Apple Brie Panini Sandwich

Chicken, apples, and Brie go together deliciously when you combine them with a little salt, pepper, fresh greens, and fresh bread, lightly cooked in a panini press! This is my favorite sandwich of the fall, although I do rotate the Brie out for fontina and other cheeses.

poisoned apple cocktail

Poisoned Apple Cocktail

Looking for something fun for your Halloween party? This poisoned apple cocktail combines apple cider with pomegranate juice, rum, grenadine, and a little bit of edible luster dust for some sparkly fun!

Apple Cider Donut Bundt Cake

The only thing better than apple cider is apple cider donuts {which we also make around here}. And the only thing better than apple cider donuts is Apple Cider Donut Bundt Cake. All the best flavors live in here in their delicious cakey gloriousness.

Simply Delicious Apple Pie

There’s no reason to overcomplicate this. Apples plus pastry plus spices equals deliciousness. Although you can cut the pastry up into fun shapes to cover the pie, as I’ve done here! This is always a family favorite, and I’m working on a smaller tart version!

What are your favorite apple recipes for fall?

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