Hi! I’m Kristin, this is my husband Scott, and our son Marcus.

I’m a career Army officer and spend a lot of time crunching data and writing policy for my office. I’ve been in a lot of positions where I’ve needed to work crisis hours around the clock, often in far flung countries. That was fine when it was just me, but with a husband and son, I’m working on unplugging a little more!

I started this blog in 2018 at Scott’s suggestion. He figured if I had a creative outlet that would not only encourage me to experiment with things I loved doing, but also gave me a hobby that I love sharing with my family and that helps us come together around the table, it would be a win for all of us.

So I decided to really start getting creative with food.

I love to cook. When I was a child, my mom taught me all her favorite cookie recipes and the Scandinavian treats she learned from my Swedish grandfather, and my dad immersed me in the fine French cooking and Cajun and Cuban flavors he grew up enjoying with his chef grandmother in Miami. I’ve been in and out of kitchens, for work and for play, ever since.

Wherever we’ve lived and wherever we’ve traveled, I’ve loved immersing myself in the accent du terroir and tried to learn the stories food tells about a place. I think it’s important to learn about why people cook and share and eat the things they do, and to learn the stories that come with them.

Some of the most important and effective business meetings I’ve ever taken have been over restaurant grills in Korea, around small cookfires in the hills of Kirkuk province, in an amazing kebab joint in Dhaka, and at an amazing Nepalese kitchen in Alexandria. Awesome food is a great foundation for reaching solutions.

It’s important to me that my family sits down and gathers together after the day over a meal, and it’s important to make time to break bread with the people who are important to you. There’s a fellowship in it you really can’t find anywhere else.

So this is our little life…on the home front.