easy homemade veggie dip
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Easy Homemade Veggie Dip

Around my house, this is also known as “crack dip.” Because you just can’t stop eating and enjoying it! And in my book, anything that gets the guys in my house to eat all their veggies is a winner, and I bet your family will think so, too!

easy homemade veggie dip

Chips and dips are the easiest way to start out a party. But sometimes, in the heat of the summer, you want something a little cooler, a little fresher, and maybe even a little healthier! And something that won’t take up all the room in your stomach before you go head first into all that barbecue goodness you’ve had sitting in the smoker all day.

Although I’ve got to tell you, while these veggies do the trick, throw this easy homemade veggie dip into the mix and you may not have that much room in your stomach after all – it’s delicious, tasty, and addictive!

I can pull out a bag of raw veggies from the store and snack on them all day, no problem. If they’re too plain, throw in a dash of Santa Maria seasoning or even everything seasoning, and you’ve got a tasty and healthy snack. However, to serve them up as an appetizer, I want a little something else to go with them, something a little more substantial, maybe even decadent.

Enter this simple veggie dip.

easy homemade veggie dip

I have been making this veggie dip since I was a cadet at West Point, thanks to my sponsor family – which is an amazing program.

As first year cadets, or plebes, you really can’t go anywhere, and a lot of people {like a lot of us in stay at home status!} really miss home and normalcy. So you get offered a sponsor family – one or several of the officers serving there as professors or trainers open up their home to you so that you have someplace to go away from the cadet area, hang out, do laundry, eat snacks, watch TV, and just feel like, you know, a real person again. And you get a nice reminder that all the ceremony and ritual at West Point is temporary, that you will again, as an officer, reenter real life, and you’ll see and hear stories about what that life is like for a family.

I’m still in touch with my sponsor family {yay, Facebook} and we’re planning on going to see them sometime before we leave DC {they’re in New England} just to catch up and let them meet our little man. Eventually things have to settle enough for us to hop in the car and go up there, right?

But anyway, JoAnne {my sponsor mom} gave me the best gift possible when I graduated – a recipe box with a bunch of recipe cards, many of them filled out with the recipes I enjoyed when my friends and I spent the afternoon over at her house or went over to watch a game. Veggie dip, egg casserole, cheesy bread dip, pizza squares, granny squares, things that have been quickly and lovingly whipped together for many an impromptu Army gathering and enjoyed and have probably floated through many other houses on recipe cards as well. The best souvenir ever.

easy homemade veggie dip

This version might have been modified a tad, but it’s still crazy good and it still quickly disappears whenever we have a gathering. And anything that gets everyone in my house to eat their veggies that quickly is a win in my book.

[lt_recipe name=”Easy Homemade Veggie Dip” summary=”Around my house, this is also known as “crack dip.” Because you just can’t stop eating and enjoying it! And in my book, anything that gets the guys in my house to eat all their veggies is a winner, and I bet your family will think so, too!” servings=”8″ total_time=”10M” print=”yes” image=”https://homefrontcooking.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Homemade-Veggie-Dip-0786-1024×683.jpg” ingredients=”1/2 cup sour cream;1/2 cup mayonnaise;1 tbsp dried parsley flakes;1 tbsp dried minced onions;2 tsp Santa Maria seasoning;1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce;Optional: 3-4 drops hot sauce” ]Add all of the ingredients to a small bowl and mix until well combined.;Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.[/lt_recipe]

You can find my favorite Santa Maria seasoning here!

The key with this recipe is the refrigeration. Any time you’re using dried herbs in a dip or recipe, you need to give them time to reconstitute. Otherwise, you’re going to get a dip that’s crunchy and tastes a little off.

easy homemade veggie dip

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