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Behind the Scenes :: Master Bedroom Floor Replacement

I’ve mentioned a couple times that we did a massive overhaul on our second floor {which includes our master bedroom, master bath, my library/office, and the laundry room} but I figure we should show you so you get an idea of the magnitude of the nesting going on around here!

We didn’t have any immediate plans to get this done. We knew we were going to do it eventually, though, because Scott and I can’t move into a house without overhauling it top to bottom, even our supposedly move-in ready and finished house here in Virginia. However, with our son on the way, Scott and I knew we had to get rid of the horrible carpet in our room before little man came home. It was gross, and we’re both sticklers for hygiene.

Like all of our projects, though, this one snowballed. Since we were replacing the floor, why not go ahead and knock out the board and batten wall trim we wanted, paint, rearrange furniture, redo the library, and install the closet organizers we’d picked out back in January at a home show? Because that totally makes sense. Nesting Level 1000.

Since I can’t lift squat right now, we hired on Two Marines Moving Company, a bunch of local veterans who started up a moving business and proved themselves to be really versatile and creative when it comes to getting stuff moved around a house. I don’t have a true “before” picture of the master when we first moved in, but here’s how it looked before Two Marines showed up and got all of our stuff out of the way.

Normally we keep the room a lot more picked up than that. I don’t remember why it was such a mess that day. Probably because I was going to pull all the linens out for the laundry and everything was going to be moved out?

Either way, the room was plain builder grade paint with nasty carpet. You can see that we’d already done a little bit of work on it. I tested the Clary Sage paint I loved to see if we liked it in the room and built us a curtain rod, but that’s as far as I got before pregnancy dictated I was done with projects. It needed some love.

So we started with Two Marines, moving all our furniture out of the bedroom so that we could tear up the old carpet and have Lumber Liquidators come in and install our new hickory floors. And yes, when I say “we” I mean Scott. I love this man so much.

When Scott and I headed to Lumber Liquidators to pick out flooring, we went in with the usual mindset we have when shopping for materials – we have in mind a range of options and we see if there’s anything within those options that are on sale. In this case, we wanted a strong and solid hardwood floor that was warm in tone, not too light, not too dark, and definitely not orange.

The Copper Ridge Hickory they had was perfect for us. And before we knew it, the team from Lumber Liquidators came over and dropped off the flooring to acclimate. A couple of weeks later, they came over and the floors were in!

The team installed the floors, stair treads, stair kicks, and stair nosing. We requested they leave all the trimwork and finishing to us, since we weren’t putting in standard baseboards but board and batten trim. The rest was up to us!

Your next installment of Behind the Scenes will show you how we installed the board and batten wainscoting and how we finished the room. It’s definitely an amazing before and after!

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