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Every day I get up out of bed, I know I should be grateful. My baby is a healthy, wriggling little guy, I escaped without morning sickness, I avoided swelling until last month, and I healed from a nasty subchorionic hematoma that kept me terrified through my whole first trimester. I should be grateful for this experience and for the little man we’re about to bring into the world.

But like a lot of moms out there, I’ve struggled with what should probably be the last thing on our minds during this happy time…the weight gain.

I think I was prepared for the idea that women can gain a fair amount of weight during pregnancy, but I wasn’t prepared for it emotionally. Not after a career in the Army where your career can hinge on you being a certain weight. I’ve spent most of my life beating myself up due to one hang up or another about my weight. So this has been hard.

When I mentioned to Scott that I wanted to get maternity photos done, he was a little skeptical. He had the right to be – since I have hated and deleted most of the photos taken of me in the last couple of months. He wanted to make sure we weren’t going to have photos done that I would hate or would make me feel bad. But I had faith that a good photographer might be able to help me do what I hadn’t been able to do lately, and what I felt like I needed to do – love myself during pregnancy and capture some beautiful, positive memories to look back on. I wanted to remember joy and love, not a number on a scale.

When I came across recommendations for Rachel K Photo, saw her beautiful photos and read her mission statement, I knew she was the one we wanted!

I want to capture the way it feels to be a parent. The awe and wonder of pregnancy. The overwhelming love of motherhood. The pride of a father. I want my photos to speak to your heart as a parent in the way that words can’t.

~ Rachel K Photo

The way she captured both light and emotion spoke to me. So toward the end of June, when I was hanging out at about 31-32 weeks, we all met up out at beautiful Leesylvania State Park for a sunset maternity photo shoot. And we’re just in love with the results!!

We had so much fun, just being our joyful and silly selves, and I think Rachel beautifully captured not only the lovely scenery at Leesylvania, but the love we have for each other and this little peanut we’re about to bring into the world. We can’t recommend Rachel enough! Here are a few places you can find her and her work:

And here’s some information on where we shot:

Leesylvania State Park

  • 2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Drive, Woodbridge VA, 22191
  • The park is open 6am to a half hour after sunset Mon-Fri
  • There is a $5 parking fee per vehicle
  • The park has five hiking trails, which include a segment of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail and overlooks Civil War gun batteries at Freestone Point
  • The park is open for fishing, boating, bike and horseback riding, and picnics
  • For more information, call 703-730-8205 or click here!

We’re eager to explore more of this beautiful park and take some shots with our little guy out at the dock. It’s hard to not start planning activities with him, even though we’re going to have to really take it easy at first. I’m so ready to meet him! Just one more month now!

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