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The Everywoman’s Guide to Wine Pairing

You don’t have to be an expert sommelier┬áto make good wine pairings for your dishes at home – but a few simple tricks can have you elevating your dishes and your entertaining with wines that bring out the best flavors …

sparkling raspberry lemonade coolers
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Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade Coolers

Quick homemade lemonade with a burst of fresh raspberry flavor, finished off with sparkling Moscato for a refreshing and delicious cooler that’s perfect for these still hot afternoons! Hey, all! It’s Friday and it’s still hot and we’ve got storms …

stone fruit sangria
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Stone Fruit Sangria

Peaches, nectarines, and plums all come together in a deliciously fruity and refreshing blend of white wine and sparkling cider that will give you that sweet and refreshing sangria taste you love without knocking you on your butt! I made …

concord grapes

Mother’s Day Thoughts

“My mother was my role model before I even knew what that word was.” Lisa Leslie That quote is very apt for my mother. She was {and is} my role model and mentor before I ever learned about the value …


A Tour of Talley Vineyards

This post was written for my original food and travel blog, which I had to let go of when work ramped up. But it’s one of my favorite interviews and tours, and it’s worth digging up, dusting off, and sharing …


A Very Vineyard Birthday Celebration

A little while ago, as I was getting set to celebrate my 39th birthday, my mom suggested that, since she’d be out our way for a conference and visiting us anyway, Scott and I take the opportunity to go have …

Food for Thought

Accent du Terroir

Food is philosophy in that what we serve on our table tells our stories, and what we like to look at on our plate and taste tells who we are. Here are some of my musings on the tastes that …