Sipping with Martha Stewart’s Wine Club

This is a review and not a sponsored post, so you won’t get any codes or tracked links here – just a recommendation for a wine club I love and think you’ll love, too.

I’ve tried wine clubs in the past, but none of them seemed to stick. I’m choosy about my wine, and inevitably I found myself paying for a shipment that had a couple bottles I liked and a couple I really didn’t.

By being choosy, I don’t mean that I’m a wine connoisseur with a rarefied palate (Scott has a cousin who meets all those criteria and selects wine for collectors professionally, and I would never get that job). I am, however, pretty decent at picking out accessible everyday wines that you can dress up or dress down for any number of different gatherings or events.

And that’s what I like to keep in my wine collection at home, along with a couple high end bottles for celebrations.

And that’s exactly what you get with a membership to Martha Stewart’s Wine Club.

I found out about Martha Stewart’s Wine Club when a friend received a membership as a birthday gift. She brought over a couple for us to try, and as she received other shipments, we tasted more. And while there were bottles we liked more than others, there weren’t any we didn’t like.

She even had Merlots that I like, and I hate six out of every seven Merlots I’ve tried.

Martha’s brand is easy everyday elegance, and that’s what you get with her wine as well. The company swears she picks them all out personally, so what you get are wines selected by a woman who has revolutionized entertaining. She sends back the ones she doesn’t like with notes to the producer, and offers the ones she especially loves in her selection of favorites.

You can opt for a half-case or case club membership, and choose between all white, all red, or blended. And with free shipping, it only runs you $8.33/bottle for the half case and $7.49/bottle for the case.

It isn’t top of the line wine and won’t impress your somm friend, but if you’re looking for a delicious and easy to sip wine for dinner parties, gifts, friendly gatherings, or a cozy evening in with your significant other, the wines on Martha’s menu are pretty much perfect.

All Photos via Martha Stewart Wine Club.

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