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poisoned apple cocktail
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Poisoned Apple Cocktail

Get into the Halloween spirit with this glittery cider cocktail, made from your favorite fall flavors and just a little bit of magic {aka edible glitter} mixed in for fun! One of my favorite things in the fall is checking out all the spooky cocktails Tieghan at Half-Baked Harvest comes up with. She creates some …

cider donut bundt cake
Sweet Treats

Apple Cider Donut Bundt Cake

This recipe brings fall’s favorite flavors to a springy, flavorful, and delicious cider-infused Bundt cake dusted with cinnamon sugar that will look beautiful on your table and taste fabulous after your meal. For all the press it gets, fall’s favorite flavor is not pumpkin spice. A few tweaks, and your best pumpkin pie spice combination …


Chicken Apple Brie Panini Sandwich

Apples, brie, and honey are a wonderful combination on your winter cheese plate, but add them to lightly seasoned chicken tenderloins, wrap them in thick crusty bread, and throw them on a panini press, and they’re bliss in sandwich form! Sandwiches aren’t the easiest thing to photograph, so I’ve been honesty avoiding making these. However, …


Turkey Stuffed Acorn Squash

There’s turkey in this seasoned and roasted acorn squash. There’s apples in this recipe. And sweet potatoes. It’s kind of ridiculous how much¬†fall¬†there is in this recipe, but I love it. I’m loving every bit of it because it’s finally feeling like fall here. And it will for a while, even if the colors go …