Family Photos with Susan Kruger Photography

I’m so happy that our lovely friend Susan could do our family photos again this year! I’m every bit as much in love with them as I am our son’s newborn photos and our family photos from last year.

We wandered out along the walking paths at Liberty Lorton, the recently refurbished and repurposed reformatory at the old prison – now made over into apartments, stores, eateries, and surrounded by newly built houses! It was the perfect spot to get the fall ambiance – and to get some fun photos!

Looking at this year’s pictures and last, so much has changed {although not, as you may notice, my husband’s choice of clothes}. Little man has doubled in size, grown a full head of shaggy blond hair, and is running around in the most adorable little shoes. He loves being cuddled and tossed up in the air, and while he’s a very serious little man when he first meets you, in moments, that sunny smile of his breaks through and he steals the show.

My husband is very much who he always was, but he has become the absolute best daddy to our little boy. I absolutely adore watching them together, learning and playing and horsing around.

And me? I’m happy. I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight which is twenty pounds heavier than I want to be, my hair looks scraggly because I screwed up when trying to style it that morning, and I’d love to count fewer chins in those photos, but damn it, I’m happy. I love my little family fiercely, and just being around them makes me happier than I can say.

It’s been a good year for us, and I hope it’s been a great one for you, too. We’re signing off here for the rest of the year to enjoy spending time with family and each other, and to get ready for 2020!

Photos by Susan Kruger Photography.

Happy holidays!

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