Olde Port San Luis

I’ve got a ton of work to do before the holidays hit, so what better time to go do a little food exploring? The Food Exploring series is a way to revisit adventures I’ve been on around the world that have opened my eyes, inspired me to think in different ways, and often left a serious food impression! This week, I’m taking you to my own home town of San Luis Obispo, California.

I have a long abiding love for the sea.

It’s something that lives somewhere deep in my soul, in a place where it turns into an almost painful longing when I’m away from it for too long, and in a place that is nourished like nothing else when I come home.

It’s not just any sea that does that. It’s my sea.

I’ve been enough places in the world to know that everywhere you go, the sea has a different flavor, a different spirit, might as well be a totally different person.

It might all be the same water, it might be connected, but the little stretch of the Pacific Ocean I grew up on is completely unique, and even though I’m pretty sure I will never move back home {or be able to afford to}, it’s still home.

We always manage a trip or two to my sea when I get home. And often it’s a trip to Olde Port San Luis, either to the Olde Port Inn or the Fish Market.

The Olde Port Fish Market is one of my savvy chef father’s favorite places to get fresh fish – they have a huge variety of fresh catch and fresh shellfish on a daily basis, and they have a pretty amazing view.

The pier is teeming with wildlife, from pelicans and other seabirds to enormous California seals.

I love watching all the gigantic seals lazing about. They’re friendly and cheerful and greet you on your way out to the market at the end of the pier – probably hoping that you’ll toss them a fish or two!

Dad’s on the mailing list for the Olde Port Fish Market, so whenever they get a fresh catch or something new and interesting in, he’s one of the first ones to find out about it. This time, we were on the hunt for fresh halibut.

We ended up with one of the most beautiful fish fillets I’ve ever seen – cut fresh from one of the largest halibut I’ve ever seen! We also walked away with beautiful scallops and a fresh fillet of ling cod, too.

Scott was more than happy to carry the load back.

Don’t worry – we’ll figure out something delicious to make with it.

I love looking back at these memories, and I’m looking forward to taking Baby Bean out to my sea for the holidays. His little foodie self will love it!

Olde Port Fish Market

  • End of Pier 3, Port San Luis, California
  • Open M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, S-S 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • For more information, call 805-541-3474 or click here.
  • Try the halibut. Trust me.

For you all who grew up by the sea, do different seas ever feel like home?

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