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Garden Kitchen Tips

How to Waste Less in Your Kitchen

One of the number one places in our house we generate waste is the kitchen. Here are a few tips for how to do a better job of minimizing your kitchen waste! I hate throwing things out. It’s not that I’m anti-Marie Kondo or that everything brings me joy. I just hate adding to landfills …

Garden Kitchen Tips

How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Hate the idea of throwing out perfectly good stuff that you could reuse for other purposes? Coffee grounds are one of those things you shouldn’t throw out – not when you can use them in your garden! I drink coffee like there’s no tomorrow. But hey, I’m Swedish and Norwegian. Scandinavians drink more coffee than …

chicken broth
Kitchen Tips

How to Make Your Own Chicken Broth

Made essentially from water and cooking scraps, chicken broth is an essential ingredient in soups, sauces, gravies, and risottos – and making your own is way easier than you think! So there we are, finally, at a count that we can call! So I’m going to take one moment to wish the President-elect the best …