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Happy Hour Virginia

Blackberry Sangria

As much as I work indoors, I feel like I’m trying to be outdoors as much as possible. When we’re not actually out of doors hiking, running, or exploring, a lot of my projects lately have been trying to bring the outdoors in as much as I can – more sun, more light, more plants, …


Haleakala Sunrise

Ever wonder what a sunrise looks like from 10,000 feet? You don’t have to do a deliberate summit of Mt. Rainier or any of the other minor peaks to find out. In fact, there isn’t much hiking at all involved. All you have to do…is get out of bed at 3am, bundle up in your layers, …


Signs of Spring

Oh, hey guys! How’ve you been? Things have been quieter around On the Home Front this month. Partly because I’ve been swept away by the craze of work {remember that workaholic tendency I’ve talked about?}. And I’ve also started a professional site {recently launched – if you’re interested in data and stats and me saying …