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Small Bites + Sides

Gruyere Scalloped Sweet-Potato Stacks

There’s not much I love than gathering a bunch of people around a table and sharing good food and fellowship together. We’ve got space for ten – maybe fourteen if we squish – at our table, and when I get around to revamping our island, we’ll have another four or so bar stools there for …


Bourbon and Peach Glazed Pork Chops

Scott and I like to celebrate the weekend with friends and try new recipes with a big hearty Sunday Supper. It’s a fun chance to catch up, gather around our giant table, and enjoy some good food together. And since I was just in Kentucky earlier this month, with Bourbon and oak and hickory smoke …


Louisville :: Must Be Something in the Water

If I love anything about Kentucky, it’s how linked its traditions – Kentucky bourbon and champion thoroughbred horses – are to the land itself. Neither could happen without the rich rolling hills Kentucky sits on. Because those hills are rich with limestone and natural upwelling springs. The limestone naturally filters the water and enriches it …