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Cottage Pie with Winter Lager

Over the last few years, I’ve been on a number of adventures around the world that have opened my eyes and inspired me to think in different ways. A lot of these adventures have inspired valuable lessons that have stuck with me, and others have inspired recipes as well! That gave me the idea to …


Dinner at Ffiona’s

  The evening we returned from our explorations of Lacock, Stonehenge, and Bath, we were exhausted but had just enough energy to go out and explore somewhere new for dinner. Neither of us felt like doing research, so we did the next best thing – asked the expert. In this case, the expert was our awesome …


Sunrise at Stonehenge

  I’ve waffled many times, on this blog and others, whether or not I want to have a food blog, a travel blog, or some other kind of blog. As you know, if you’ve clicked around here a bit, that we’re all about food and drinks around here. But food and drinks are best shared …