Newborn Photos with Susan Kruger Photography

I love photography. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. But when you’re the photographer, you’ve always got tons of photos of your loved ones, of family get togethers, of amazing memories – but you’re never in any of them! Granted, my camera has a timer and I have a remote, but that’s not a substitute for being able to look through the lens and get the lighting, focus, balance, and just the moment you want.

Fortunately, I’ve been grateful that we’ve been able to find some fun and talented photographers to work with to capture family memories for us, which has been especially important to me since our little man came into our lives. Rachel of Rachel K Photo took some absolutely beautiful maternity photos for us, and when she and her family moved to Alabama, we scrambled trying to find someone to work with to do our little man’s newborn photos. Lucky for us, we found Susan of Susan Kruger Photography and she came by the house to snap some welcome to the world photos for baby Marcus.

I absolutely love how these turned out. See for yourself!

We’re in love with how these turned out, and I love seeing how Susan captured us and the house. And I won’t lie – I’m absolutely loving just how much beautiful light there is in our master bedroom. I’ve enjoyed shooting little man’s month by month portraits in there as well!

We found Susan through mutual friends, and while we absolutely loved her work, it made the difference that we absolutely clicked personally. We have a shared love for all things Charlottesville {her husband and I went through the same graduate degree program at UVa}, being immediate huggers, guilty pleasure TV, and finding ways to actually be in our pictures. We had plenty of things to chat about while we were waiting for little man to calm down after his diaper change and feeding, and I’m forever grateful for her patience and coaching.

If you’re in the D.C. area or NoVA side, we can’t recommend Susan enough. Here are a few places you can find her:

We’re hoping to work with Susan soon in the future for holiday photos. I’m ever hopeful that one day I’ll be organized and actually get those Christmas cards out on time. Unlike the ones that are still sitting with all the baby shower thank you cards on my desk, soon to be joined by baby announcements. Sigh. I’ll get there.

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