Motherhood :: Month 1

Motherhood :: Month 1

Say hello to Marcus!

Even though we’re only 11 days past his due date, this adorable little nugget is now one month old!

I shared a little bit of his birth story earlier, but long story short, wee man arrived at a day past 37 weeks at the tail end of a huge thunderstorm. We’d always had a feeling he wouldn’t wait the whole 40 weeks, but I had no idea that we would meet our little man as quickly as we did. And while it was scary to have to surrender him to the special care nursery after some brief cuddles and see his little body hooked up to tubes and monitors, he came through it all healthy and strong, and we’ve had a month of baby snuggles and watching him grow.

That isn’t to say it’s all been cute monkey jammies, coos, and playing, but when it comes to babies, our Baby Bean is pretty straightforward. He yells when he wants something, he happily coos or sleeps when you’ve met his need, and he does give you a lot of warning signs before the yelling starts. And we have thankfully managed to keep him somewhat on the schedule of diapers and feeding that they started him on in the hospital. That means parent nirvana, a.k.a. predictable sleep times!

In all of this, I’m still processing what it means to be a parent. Right now the only real parenting I’m doing is just being responsive to little man’s needs. It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the conversations and lessons I’m assuming we’ll have down the road. But a lot of behaviors have their roots in this initial care, and these early days are important beginner lessons in parenting. It’s amazing how babies train you to be a parent gradually, ramping up from the days of lots of sleep and no mobility to more challenging days!

It’s been a wonderful adventure so far to watch our little man learn and grow, and to learn and grow along with him. I think a lot of people focus on how much their children are growing and changing but ignore the other half of the amazing journey that is parenthood – how much children make parents grow and change and learn about the world and about themselves. We’ve had our world turned sideways this first month and I’m pretty sure a majority of it is good. And it’s only going to keep tilting. Still, Scott and I are ridiculously excited to see what other adventures lie in store for us and our little Baby Bean!

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