Currently :: January 2020

Hello, friends – and hello, 2020!

What a year 2019 was – and what a decade it was! Fortunately, we were able to slow down a little bit in December to reflect on it all and make plans for the coming year.

It didn’t seem slow at first. We were in a mad rush to get everything we could done before, well, all the holiday parties hit and DC basically shuts down for the holidays. There were some long days, with a lot of contingency planning done in case Congress didn’t pass a budget – the Secretariat is almost all civilian employees, only a few of whom would work through a furlough. But fortunately, the budget passed and we got everything done.

So we had plenty of time to gather with friends and co-workers and enjoy the season before heading out to California and spending the holiday with my folks. Due to various health issues on both sides, this is the first time I’ve been home to visit them in three years {they’ve come out to see us a lot, fortunately!} and the first time I was able to bring my son to see my home. Lots. Of. Feelings.

And now we’re looking at 2020, which is shaping up to be a very big year full of changes and adventures! I’m beyond excited for what’s in store.

In the meantime, here’s what’s going on here…


Cooking… lots of dishes for holiday feasts and appetizers and little treats to bring to our holiday socials, and a few goodies for my office – but in the past couple weeks, most of the cooking was done by my favorite chef, my dad!

Exploring… California! It was so ridiculously good to be home, I can’t believe it. And it was so much fun taking my husband and son to explore. And I can’t believe I forgot how open it is, and how much nature there is. I forgot how magical it is to be in a place when you can really see how many stars there are.

Tasting… breakfast at my folks’ favorite coffee shop, the Nautical Bean, and making the rounds to home favorites – the Spirit of San Luis at the airport, where you can watch the sunset and planes land over the airfield, the Upper Crust Trattoria, Jimmy Bumps’ Pasta House, and more!

Learning… that peace of mind, relaxing, and letting go are all connected. Being choosy in what you hold onto – things, relationships, arguments, what you’re willing to worry about – is such a valuable skill.

Training… Oh, why do I even bother putting this down? Does hiking all over my hometown carrying my ever-growing son count?

Sipping… coffee mostly! There’s something about the seaside air in San Luis that just conks you out {it even worked on our toddler!} so we drank a lot of coffee. We enjoyed some local wine as well, but not much. I’m considering doing a Dry January just to see what role I’m letting alcohol play in my life.

Loving… as much as I loved being home and being surrounded by memories, I loved coming back in through the doors of our house and seeing the Christmas lights twinkle and getting the fireplace up and running and watching little man introduce his new Christmas toys to his old ones. It’s good to be home.

Food featured in pictures in this post: Blackberry hot toddy. And while they’re not food, don’t you just love California succulents?

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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