Currently :: December 2019

Hello, friends – and happy December!

There’s no nostalgic “how is it already December?” for me. I’m here shocked that it’s only the end of 2019 because it feels like we packed a year’s worth of activity into the last month!

November brought me to Pennsylvania to speak on a paper I wrote and then brought me to Detroit to speak on a panel at the AUSA Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence Symposium. It was fun to link up with practitioners and policymakers and especially with the host of badass ladies working in the AI space {see picture below}.

I’m also still in my stand-in job for a senior mentor who recently retired. I’ve been here a month while her replacement is trying to beat the Army’s ridiculously slow time to hire. And the job is a whopping three grades above mine. I’m trying to not get used to it. It’s been a great experience and rewarding to be treated like I can carry the job, but I have to go back to my day job sometime!

And somehow in all this, we were able to get out to MetroCooking DC and I was able to meet Martha Stewart! I. Met. Martha. Stewart. My dad got me Martha’s Entertaining when I started having to host work events, and it was a great place for ideas, recipes, and how to pull events together when you’re expected to attend, too. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

And…wow. Yes, there’s more, but I’ve babbled on enough. Let’s get to what’s going on around here…


Cooking… all the Thanksgiving things! I shared a dream Thanksgiving menu along with a host of new favorites, and cooked a lot of these for both Thanksgiving and our annual Friendsgiving dinners.

Exploring… despite being in four different states in November – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, and Florida – I didn’t get a chance to do too much exploring! Next month.

Tasting… we had to take the car in for service and then went across the street and investigated Zinburger, a wine and burger bar {how perfect is that?}. I wish we’d come in sooner – it was soooo good!

Learning… that it’s really nice to have your hard work be valued. My job is demanding, but I don’t mind the demands when it feels like there’s a payoff.

Training… I’m…I’m so not training. For anything. Except meetings. I’m training to sit in a marathon of meetings daily. Time to start pounding pavement again!

Sipping… holiday cocktails! I recently shared my maple Bourbon old fashioned and I’m working on a blackberry hot toddy and gingerbread eggnog to share soon, both boozy and non-boozy versions!

Loving… that we’re about to put up the Christmas tree and holiday lights and snowy village and everything merry and bright, and that it’s time to donate to the food pantry and Toys for Tots and see what we can dig up to donate to the local shelters. The giving part of this season is my favorite part, and the lights and decor and beautiful greenery are just reminders of that feeling.

Food featured in pictures in this post: Root vegetable galette with herbed goat cheese, autumn bite sized sugar cookies.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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