Signs of Fall

Hi guys, and happy Halloween!

Fall always seems to come late in NoVA. It’s already cold where my folks live in California and it has already snowed on our friends and relatives in Denver. And here in northern Virginia? We’re just starting to see the leaves turn.

The hardest part is getting out to actually see the leaves.

It’s getting darker earlier in the evenings and getting lighter later in the mornings, so on most work days, I’m out the door before the sun is up and coming home just when it’s down. Our walks don’t give me the chance to see the neighborhood the way I get to in spring and summer.

I do my best to get out for a mid-day or afternoon run at work just to get some much needed vitamin D. And we make the most of our time on weekends by either loading up little man in his stroller or wagon and walking around the neighborhood, or putting him in his hiking pack and going for a hike.

Here are just a few snapshots of the beauty we’ve seen on some of these excursions!

It’s been a beautiful changing of the seasons, and we’ve enjoyed taking the time to get out in nature and experience it. I find the more we’re out in nature, the better it is for our overall well-being and the happier we are as a result.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and has had a wonderful October!

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