Currently :: October 2019

Hello, friends – and happy October!

September was a ridiculous month. That’s truly the only word I have for it.

Somehow in the last month, I spoke on an analytic panel and at the Data Driven Government symposium sponsored by Predictive Analytics World, I met Bobby Flay, I traveled to Google headquarters to spend the day learning about people analytics, I spent a wonderful weekend hanging out at the pool with Scott and all our friends from our first time living in Hawaii 10 years ago and their kids, and I turned 40.

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to say, eh, no big deal, and act cool, but I never learned how to do that properly. I’m over the moon! Life is good.

But that’s enough of an intro. Let’s talk details. Here’s what all is happening…


Cooking… I’m cooking up the last of our summer produce and transitioning over into fall recipes! This past month, I offered up another delicious take on grilled peaches as well as my turkey burgers, Denver omelet eggs-in-pots, and a collection of favorites this past week to round out the summer. This month, it’s fall produce, crock-pot awesomeness, and a few grilled favorites to enjoy when it’s not full on grill season! Or at least that’s the plan!

Exploring… Menlo Park, the Stanford area, and Google! I haven’t been to Stanford since doing college visits twenty years ago {oh my God that’s right I’m forty now} and it was a lot of fun to see how it’s grown and changed. And the food scene there is pretty amazing, too!

Tasting… Mostly home cooking this month. Other than while I was on my trip, I don’t think we dined out or ordered out {other than my birthday, that is}. I’m pretty impressed with us. Oh, it wasn’t all home cooked meals. Don’t think we didn’t throw a frozen pizza in the oven a time or two. And some of my meals were crinkle cut fries and cheese burgers cooked on the table top grill. But still.

Learning… To let go of the projects I have my fists clenched around and let other people help. It’s not easy. But it’s necessary. I can’t do it all. There’s just not enough time in the day. I don’t like turning in bad products or ones that haven’t been given their full measure of attention, so it’s time to pare down.

Training… My training partner and I got out maybe twice to run this month together. We may have jogged a little bit separately. We’ve decided we’re going to run-walk the Army Ten Miler coming up – and figure out how to make sure we make time for fitness in our ridiculously busy schedules!

Sipping… our latest shipment from Martha Stewart’s Wine Club! Did you miss me raving about it earlier this month? Seriously, she even found Merlots that I like. Merlots, as in plural. I normally can’t stand Merlot.

Loving… The gradual descent of Virginia into fall colors and temperatures. The beginning hints of cozy fall evenings felt while out walking with my husband and son where we juuuuust need our sweaters. Retreating indoors because it’s comfortable and cozy, not just to escape summer’s oppressive heat. The beginning of what I’ve always thought of as birthday weather, as both my sister and I are late September babies. And I’m even loving being forty.

Food featured in pictures in this post: Blackberry hot toddies, Denver Omelet Eggs-in-Pots, roasted vegetables.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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