Currently :: September 2019

Hello, friends – and happy September!

Fall has started SUPER early in the DMV area. Just this past month, we saw lots of trees beginning to turn and shed their leaves, and the temperatures have already dropped into the high 50’s at night.

I’d be ecstatic over the prospect of a longer fall, but our neighbors, who have lived in the area for about 30 years, are already gearing up for a cold and frosty winter. Lots of ice, lots of cold, lots of brrrrrr.

I can’t really find anything wrong with that. I LOVE the cold.

When it’s time to bundle up in coats and scarves and there’s a brisk chill and the smell of fireplaces in the air, I am a happy camper. And it’s the season of hot cocoa and mulled cider and comfort soups and I’m getting hungry.

So other than becoming That Woman who at the sign of the first red leaf goes out and buys all the fall things and wears all the vests and boots and fills her house with pumpkin everything, here’s what else is happening…


Cooking… We’re still relying very heavily on the grill, because the store we’re working with messed up our order and had to reorder our new flex duo convection double oven that I’ve been looking forward to. Didn’t stop me from baking up my favorite chocolate chunk cookies in the old oven, though!

Building… Nothing from scratch, but we’re starting work on fixing up all the little things in the house that are going to need fixing. We aren’t moving in the very near future, but about two years from now we may be relocating. We want to be prepared just in case we do need to put the house on the market in a couple years.

Exploring… This month has been a month for travel and for family! I was able to get out to Louisville for a few days for work, and spent the time staying with my sister in her beautiful new house and checking out some of the absolutely amazing Louisville foodie scene! And since I was able to attend the Disney Data and Analytics Conference {Disney + Data = HEAVEN!}, we made it a family trip and introduced little man to his first Disney experience. He loved it!

Tasting… Karen and I dined at Grassa Gramma, an amazing Italian place with decor you have to see to believe, and the River House, which offers some truly amazing food, delicious and creative beverages, and an amazing view of the river from its back patio. I definitely recommend both. In Florida, we spent most of our time at home with family, but we did take in a character brunch at Chef Mickey’s for Marcus, where he had a great time grabbing the characters’ noses. I’m always impressed at just how good the characters are with little kids.

Learning… Other than programming in Python {most of my work has been done to this point in SAS, R, Java, and html}? I’m trying to learn to be a better meal planner. I come up with all these great dishes I want to try but I don’t make good use of leftovers or meal prep techniques, and end up with a lot of leftover food and food that just takes too much time. Sigh.

Training… Okay, this is a resolution this month – I WILL spend more time on fitness. We do a lot of hiking, and I ran the mall a couple times this month with friends, and I’m starting to get back into a jogging routine, but I really, really, REALLY need to start working out again.

Sipping… I have to give a shout out to the River House’s excellent cocktail menu. They made an excellent Old Fashioned with an ice cube made from crushed peaches, blueberries, and cherries!

Loving… All the family time we’ve been able to get lately! Between family visiting and visiting family, our Facebook Portal, FaceTime, and tech, I feel a lot more connected to family than I have previously and we’re giving them a chance to actually be a part of little man growing up. Things that make my heart happy.

Food featured in pictures in this post: Beef medallions with gulf shrimp, sweet potato puree, and seasonal vegetables at the River House Louisville, Blackberry Sangria.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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