Food Exploring :: Under the Sea in Nassau

Don’t let the title throw you – we’re not taking you back to an either deliberate or ironic take on your high school prom. We’re really taking you under the sea for today’s adventure and to kick off this month’s iteration of Food Exploring! Because when you’re touring through the Bahamas and there’s so much gorgeous ocean everywhere, you really have to get out and explore it in depth!

Sorry. I crack myself up with bad diver puns!

Scott and I are avid divers, though moving from Hawaii back to the mainland dramatically decreased our ease of getting in the water. So pretty much every chance we get, we figure out a way to get back into the sea to flip our fins through some of nature’s beauty.

Our honeymoon cruise, again with Disney, took us through the Bahamas and put us in port in Nassau. And lucky for us, Disney had a partnered excursion with Stuart Cove’s dive shop, so we didn’t have to go create our own adventure – which is possible, but I don’t like doing when we’re cruising. I’d much rather go with a pre-arranged partnered excursion so that we don’t get held up somewhere and have the boat leave without us, or have to spend a lot of time vetting vendors. Disney does all of that for you and we’ve had great experiences every time!

Stuart Cove offers scuba diving, snorkeling, SNUBA, and underwater jet adventures from the southwest corner of New Providence island, just about an hour from where we put into port at Nassau. The ride was a great chance to see a little bit more of the island, and to see all the beautiful beaches available. It was enough to make us want to plan a separate trip back!

We’ll have to book a cruise soon, just to get our little man used to time on a boat. Unfortunately, he’ll have to wait until he’s eight to become a bubble-maker.

We quickly set up our tanks and set out into the South West Bay, where our dive guides had a couple surprises in store for us. We were setting out to see underwater wildlife and explore some artificial reefs, but they didn’t tell us until we got there what the reefs had been!

See that hole that looks like it’s been ripped into the hull by a torpedo?

Well, it was – at least the Hollywood special effect version. That’s the ship that was used in the Sean Connery James Bond film Never Say Never Again, and the artificial reef there is what’s come to be known as the Bond Wrecks.

There’s a scene in the film where James Bond is pursued into a sunken ship by a tiger shark. That opening we’re hanging out in is the hole the shark supposedly came through.

I guess that kind of solidifies us as total underwater tourists, doesn’t it?

But it’s all good. The local inhabitants didn’t seem to mind us visiting. They were curious enough to come out and take a look at the strange creatures passing through their habitat.

Getting a chance to not only swim in the warm water of the Bahamas but to scuba dive and tour some underwater movie sets was a definite perk!

If you do ever wander down that way and are feeling adventurous, we highly recommend checking out Stuart Cove. They’ll show you a good time, give you some good trivia, make you feel at home, and their shop has a killer burger and beer place in it where you can get some grub after a dive while you’re waiting for them to burn your photos!

Stuart Cove’s Dive Shop

  • South West Road/South Ocean Blvd, CB 13137, New Providence Island, Bahamas
  • Open most days 7:30am – 8:00pm
  • Adventures for all skill levels available
  • We really want to try the SUB {Scenic Underwater Bubble} – just because!
  • For more information, call 242-362-4171 or click here!

Are there any other divers among our readers? What’s your favorite dive destination? The Bahamas? Hawaii? Cozumel? Palau?


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