Currently :: July 2019

Hello, friends – and happy July!!

I’m happy the chaos of June is behind us. While it was a fun month, it was an extremely busy month.

I finished helping execute my third Army Birthday Ball, which I think was the best one yet {as do many of the Army’s senior leaders}.

Right after that, I grabbed Scott and Marcus and we flew out to Denver for the Military Operations Research Society Symposium at Colorado Springs. I happily made the commute so that Scott and Marcus could spend time with Scott’s family and Marcus could meet his aunt, uncle, and cousins.

And over the course of the week, I chaired my working group and community of practice and ran around like a crazy woman at 7200 feet.

Our flight out there was eventful. It was Marcus’s first time on an airplane. He slept all the way to Denver, but on the approach, we were diverted for weather to a tiny little regional airport in Nebraska, adding an extra three hours onto our time on the plane. He weathered it like a champ, but we were DONE after that.

And if that isn’t enough, I’m advising four Ph.D. students on personnel related topics, developing a new analytics strategy for Army human capital, and trying to finish a paper for a conference a friend and I are presenting at in October {the paper is due in less than two weeks, though}.


So that’s a lot of what’s happening. But here’s the rest of the update…


Cooking… Lots of things on the grill! I think our oven is dying. In a painful and odoriferous manner. I’m gathering up my courage – and savings – to get a gas line run so we can replace it with a gas oven. I was hoping to wait longer, but I can’t stink up the entire house with a dying oven. Anyway, hooray for the grill!

Building… A table for the back deck so we can eat al fresco! We’re repurposing the desk Scott built a while ago into a new table and assembling some chairs. My folks bought Scott his dream desk, but instead of getting rid of the large desk top he worked so hard on, we figure it will repurpose nicely as a table.

Exploring… Being parents of a successful little frequent flyer! Marcus made his first air trip out to Denver last month, and we’re set to make a few more before the year is out. He’s a champion little traveler – and sleeper!

Seeing… Tonight, we’re headed out to see Hugh Jackman’s The Man The Music The Show event with my sister. A friend of mine offered to babysit Marcus so we could go, and we’re hoping he has a blast playing with her kids while we see Hugh celebrate all things Broadway and Australia. We saw his show on Broadway when we lived in New York and are excited for the new iteration!

Learning… That life is full of crossroads. We’re approaching a big one soon – my twenty years in service mark. We are still undecided how much time over that we want to give the Army, but lately, I’ve been feeling the pull toward starting my second career. People used to tell me to serve until you wake up and it isn’t fun anymore. I want to leave while I still love it and have good memories.

Training… Oh, God. Not at all. Not. At. All. Okay, I’m doing what we’ve called Baby Crossfit – overhead press, military press, baby toss, baby wrestle, crawling frantically after my little mover to keep him from grabbing or climbing stuff he shouldn’t. But I haven’t run since my last fitness test. Time to get on the ball!

Sipping… Scott found the ridiculously good and surprisingly affordable Jefferson Vineyards Cabernet Franc at Wegmans. It’s grown at what is considered the birthplace of American wine – the vineyards Thomas Jefferson and Philip Mazzei established out near Monticello! They grow some of my favorite varietals – Viognier, Malbec, and Petit Manseng in addition to the Cabernet Franc. We’d love to get out there and visit sometime!

Loving… All things summer. Fresh food everywhere, warm breezes, watching fireflies from the new deck, smelling charcoal and sunscreen and sweet tea brewing, watching little man enjoy the outdoors and pool life and learn to take his first steps. It’s all a special kind of magic.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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