Currently :: June 2019

Signs of Spring 2019-9340

Hello, friends – and happy June!

It’s been a crazy month, to be sure! I posted a quick update about our little hospital scare with our son and how an ambulance ride is not what anyone wants for a Mother’s Day gift, but we’re very grateful that we had great care for Marcus, and that he’s not only on the mend but absolutely rocking at being a baby. It ain’t easy.

I haven’t been a hugely prolific poster around here, but we kind of knew that was going to happen now that I have a job I’m insanely passionate about and a family I’m dedicated to spending time with. And I’ve also got a lot of creative things going on around the house – building shelves, building a new deck and fence out back, planting things, and naturally, new recipes all over the place.

I’m craving some time in this creative space, though, so you’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of fun new summer entertaining recipes. We need to spend some quality time with the barbecue and with fresh backyard-to-table foods! And I’ll have to update you on all the foods our 10-month-old little foodie is stuffing in his tiny face, too.

In the meantime, here’s what’s happening…


ScenesFromMonth (2)

Cooking… Lots of healthy stuff, but I let a little indulgence creep back in there, too. I’ve lost a total of 56 pounds since I had Marcus, and I’m hoping to keep that going. I shared a number of those recipes here last month. This month, I’m looking to focus on healthier recipes that will be good for the whole family. I’m doing a lot of research on little eaters, since my little eater is growing, hungry, and very enthusiastic about food!

Building… Well, we did a few things this month. I put together a shelf for my wine bar, some shelves for my pantry, and we built a deck and fence in the backyard. Well, the last one we had some considerable help with, but still, it’s awesome. We just enjoyed an evening out there sipping wine and watching fireflies float along the fence. It’s magic. Will share the details with you soon!

Exploring… Not much last month! We were all either recovering from something or just plain tired. However, we hosted visits from my mom and my dad both, and managed to do a little food exploring! Our pace is about to pick up in a big way, with trips coming up to visit family in Denver and Orlando, Orlando a few times more, and California to finish out the year. We’ll see how our tiny human does with flights soon… #prayforus

Learning… About the things that matter. Honestly, I’ve let go of so many things lately just to keep them from getting in between me and my family, which sit at the top of my priority list. It’s been such a relief, and it lets me feel like I’m really giving quality time to the things that really matter.

Training… I’d say I’m not doing any of it, but I managed to do just fine on my physical fitness test this month, so I must be doing something. One Orange Theory a week and lots of time hiking around with a small person on my back, I guess! I’m determined to hit the training circuit again in July so that I can be ready for the Army Ten Miler in October and the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November!

Sipping… My dad brought us a ridiculous amount of my mom’s favorite wine, Stag’s Leap Investor Red. It’s a ridiculously good red blend that has made wine converts out of a few of our friends who are not wine but bourbon drinkers. It has a deeper, fruiter taste than the wines I normally like, but pair it up with anything you serve fresh and smoky from the grill and it’s perfection.

Loving… My family. Birth family, married-into family, all of them. I don’t get tired of saying that and I don’t get tired of them visiting us. I really want them to be as much a part of my son’s life as they can be for as long as we have them all.

Signs of Spring 2019-9340

So what are you guys up to, currently?



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