Currently :: May 2019

The Sunday Currently

Hello, friends – and happy May!

I’m happy to be here. I’m happy to still be posting on this little blog. Because for a while, there was a bit of emotional struggle going on.

In my current job, I’ve discovered work that I’m truly passionate about and that my family supports me doing. And in the time I’m not doing that work, I want to be spending as much time as I can with my family. So where does that leave time for hobbies?

It turns out that hobbies are still extremely important, even when you’re busy with everything else life has to offer. They keep the creative juices flowing and give you an outlet when you need to turn your energies in a different direction. I mentioned this last month, that I thought things here were going to take a backseat to other projects – but that it would be more important than ever. So true.

So I’m still here, still playing with photography, still creating recipes, still figuring out ways to bring people together and connect when we’re not digging deep into our other passions. And I’m glad you’re still here, too!

And all that said, here’s what’s happening…


ScenesFromMonth (1)

Cooking… Still working on light and healthy. I’ve lost 52.9 pounds since the day before I had Marcus {thanks to the Happy Scale app for helping me track this journey!} and I’ve got room to keep going. Still working the Mediterranean diet. Although I’ve added a few somewhat more decadent meals here and there, like my Brown Butter Scallops, Teriyaki Burgers with Pineapple Rings, Veggie Fried Rice, and Pesto Baked Chicken Caprese, which you’ll see coming up this month! Because you all know I love some caprese!

Building… I was going to jump on the One Room Challenge this month and tackle my library, but we have a bunch of other things to take care of in the house. I think this month we’re going to build our wine cabinet over the fridge {to store wine, and to keep the cat from jumping up on top of the cabinets and knocking things down}.

Exploring… We’ve been running and hiking trails, and we just bought bikes, so I’m looking forward to getting a little trailer for little man and seeing where we can ride. I have visions of us pedaling up to our coffee shop and getting a treat and getting Marcus a baby fro-yo from Sweet Frog next door.

Learning… About all things data science and people analytics. I’m ridiculously passionate about my job. And if you’re at all interested in that, you can come visit me at my professional site,!

Training… I’m still working on shorter distances. I made it through the Cherry Blossom 10M at the beginning of this month, but I need to knock down my 2-mile time so that my next APFT {Army Physical Fitness Test} goes well. It’s supposedly the last official test we do before the new Army Combat Fitness Test goes live. And I’m looking forward to the new one. More lifting, more throwing, more pull-ups? Good with me. Unfortunately, it still has the two mile run tacked on, but you cant win ’em all.

Sipping… I did a wine tasting with our venue for the Army’s birthday event and ever since then, I’ve been enjoying a number of different Sonoma County offerings. Geyser Peak has a sauvignon blanc that I’ve really enjoyed – and I’m normally not a white wine person, so that says a lot, I think!

Loving… My family, for letting me balance out my job and my passion for my work with life at home and my passion for them! And you guys, for putting up with me and my questions about where things are going to go around here. Apparently we’re not going anywhere, but posts around here just might be a little more sporadic!

Signs of Spring 2019-9348

So what are you guys up to, currently?


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