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Hey there, friends! Happy March!



March, as in it’s springtime, March! As in blooming things and green things are just around the corner, March! I keep forgetting that February is such a short month. This one certainly flew by.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been almost maniacally busy in my new job, either. One month into the job, and I’m splitting my job between forecasting the team’s budget, putting money management protocols into place, and developing the data science plan I was originally brought on to do.

Along with half a dozen other random projects. And still finishing up all the work I have to do to transfer my old responsibilities, because I thought I wouldn’t be moving until this summer. Hah.

Scott and Marcus have been champs about it all, though! Little man is now a big and tall seven months old, sitting up, playing eagerly with all his toys, and just cut his first tooth a couple of days ago {it’s the lower left central incisor in case anyone really wants to know}.

On days when I’ve had to catch up on some work at my desk, I either wait until little man is down for the count or Scott plays with him up on the playmat in the media room. I like waiting for him to go to sleep better – it’s hard to want to work and not play when you hear all the baby giggles!

All in all, life is busy but good at our house!

So, here’s what else is going on around here…


Cooking… All the spring things! My little herb garden is going crazy and there’s freshness popping up everywhere, even though it’s still cycling between ridiculously cold and stupidly warm outside. This month, I’ve got salads, soups, stuffed peppers, my absolute favorite salmon teriyaki bowls, and the best candied bacon you could ever hope for! And we’ll kick off April with my homemade pesto!

Building… This month went by so quickly, I don’t know if we had any time for any building projects! Scott is still assembling his Christmas garage cabinets and work table so we can do more work during the cold months. But I think honestly the only thing I did this month was paint a few walls. And God help us, there are still tons of walls in this house needing paint. Sigh.

Exploring… Scott’s folks came to visit, and we ventured out to Tyson’s Corner to buy some new clothes for wee man {yes, our seven month old outgrew his twelve month clothes} and grab lunch at Coastal Flats, one of their favorite restaurants here. Scott and I also made it out for a belated Valentine’s Day date night, stopping for tapas and cocktails at La Tasca and watching Michael Bublé in concert.

Reading… After searching for something fantastic and escapist for my on-the-way-to-work-train reading, I had someone recommend Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It is so much fun. The writing is sharp, the characters are full of foibles and heart both, Ketterdam is a believable home for both budding gangsters and magick most mysterious, and it leads into a hell of a heist story. I’m already halfway through the sequel, Crooked Kingdom. More please!

Training… Getting back into the workout groove this month with long slow runs. I’m back up to jogging 4-5 miles without stopping, and while I’m proud of that, I think I’m going to be jog-walking the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April, not running it! Still, I need to get my distance up. I don’t want the race to be the first time I cover more than five miles, or else I’ll be sore as hell.

Loving… To be honest? I love juggling a lot of projects. I’d much rather do that than be bored. I’m at the point, though, where I really need to start leaning on my team! We’re a matrixed organization so I don’t completely own them, but I can throw a few projects their way! I talk a good game about delegating, but I’m not so great at actually doing it.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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