Motherhood :: Month 6

Happy half birthday to Baby Bean!

It’s hard to believe that six months ago, he was just emerging into the world. He didn’t even want to open his eyes the first day, when after letting me hold him briefly, they took him to the NICU to check out his little lungs. But then they let me hold him again, and those little eyes popped right open. And he’s been taking in the world wide eyed ever since.

Being a parent has been an amazing feeling – part awe, part terror, part hope, some more terror – but this month I can say it has been fun! Granted, it was fun watching him discover the world before, but playtime takes things to a whole new level.

When your child looks up at you with recognition and a great big smile when you come to wake him up or pick him up from daycare, when he has just as much fun staring at your face and trying to grab your cheeks as he does playing with his favorite toys {and this month, toys have been a big deal!}, when you see how much joy he takes in learning new skills and getting applause, like when he rolls over by himself or gets in his Jolly Jumper and we have a family dance party…it’s incredible. The world is new again, and it is such a fun place to explore.

It comes with plenty of challenges, too. Little man is just on the verge of crawling but can’t quite get everything moving together, so there are lots of tears of frustration. There are diaper blowouts and chapped cheeks {top ones and bottom ones}. There is just no good way to wipe a sore bottom.

And I think the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever had to do is hold and rock my baby, sitting on the floor of the bathroom with the shower running as hot as I could get it, trying to steam a path through the gunk clogging his airways as we struggled through his first cold. I have never wanted to murder anyone the way I wanted to murder the people in my office who “bravely” struggled their way to work despite their colds and passed them on to me, and despite my best efforts, on to my child.

Never mess with a mama. I am viciously protective of my son in a way I have never been protective of anything else, even myself. It’s a big, scary, powerful, vulnerable feeling.

So here we are, six months in, watching little man sit up and play, roll like a puppy, put together the basic motions he’ll need to start motoring around on his own, and stretch and grow on an incredible trajectory! These first six months of being a mom have been amazing, and I’m pretty sure the next six months, then years, then more are going to be absolutely mind-blowing.


2 thoughts on “Motherhood :: Month 6

  1. He’s such a cutie and is growing so fast!

    (And I have zero tolerance for people who come to work sick. Just go home before you make the rest of us miserable!)

    1. A-MEN! People act like they should earn accolades for “powering through” a nasty contagious illness when in reality, they should be smacked for bringing down the whole office!

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