Motherhood :: Month 5

Five months now, and my little man isn’t so little anymore! According to his last appointment, he’s grown seven inches since he was born and tripled his birth weight. I think most of his growth this past month was in his little legs! He’s comfortably wearing 9 month clothes and the occasional 12 month outfit, although they’re still a little big for him.

It’s the expressions that get me. It’s like in the past couple months, his personality decided to fully move in. And I look at him and wonder who replaced my baby with this small child!

The fun part has been just how much interest he’s shown in the world this month. He’s all giggles and coos, trying to touch everything, and his favorite new skill has been blowing raspberries. He’s all about sitting up lately and he can stand if you help him up and help him balance. He also loves playing with his ball and the other toys he got for Christmas. We’ve started testing out solid food, and so far, he’s a big fan of bananas, followed closely by avocados and sweet potatoes. But we haven’t pushed it farther than that yet.

Parenting-wise, we’re enjoying what’s probably the last couple of months we have until he’s mobile. We have baby gates ready to go and we’re starting the baby-proofing adventure, but I don’t know if I’m mentally and emotionally ready to put my son down by his toys and then find he’s crawled off. I want to get one of those Tile chips for him just so I don’t die of a heart attack if he crawls behind the couch.

But I might be getting ahead of myself. We’ll work on sitting up and balancing before we worry about the rest {why do I still have the feeling I’m going to be laughing at these words soon?}.

I honestly don’t have any new insights or issues that have jumped to the forefront of my mind this month, other than our continual search for a longer-term daycare solution. I think that just means we’re settling into a routine and that our adorable little man has changed our lives indeed, so much that he’s such an integral part of them that we don’t feel at all like we’re being dragged onto a different track by parenthood.

And we’re really not, to be honest. We go out to lunch and the occasional dinner as a family. We took little man with us to a family friendly New Year’s party {we rang in 2019 at 9 pm}. We still eat meals together as a family and still get things done around the house. One of us just might have to tag out to go grab a bottle and change a diaper now and then, and while little man loves being hugged and carried, he doesn’t protest too much if we need to set him down in his bassinet or playpen for a moment while I hand wood trim and equipment up the ladder to Scott as he works on framing in the fireplace.

Is it because we’re skilled as parents? Heck no. We just have one little sunshine of a baby who is open to new adventures with a minimum of fussing and loves us regardless of competency. And we love him so much, it’s crazy. Pretty sure it’s the love that counts in this equation.

Looking forward to continuing to make this little munchkin laugh and loving watching him grow!

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  1. I know this is a bit late to comment, but those are wonderful photos. I’m glad you’re taking good care of your son, and he seems to like going on adventures with you guys as well.

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