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Hey there, friends – happy January!! And happy 2019!

The birth of a new year always seems to inspire people to set some new milestones toward being better. This is the year they’ll quit a bad habit or take up a new one. This is the year they’ll finish that book, get that promotion or new job, or lose those 20 pounds. They’ll pay more attention to family, learn to slow down, pay attention to the important things.

Unfortunately, much of the time all this means is that for the next two or three weeks, you’ll have to wait in line for your favorite equipment at the gym and the supermarket will be sold out of berries and kale. But after those two or three weeks, everything will go back to normal.

Goals are great, but they’re nothing without a plan. How are you going to get there, and what are the milestones along the way? How do you know you’re making progress? How will you know you’ve achieved your objective? Without defining all this, it’s hard to make progress.

We’re working on charting out our goals, both as a family and professionally, for the year, but the biggest part of that work is figuring out our plan for getting there and how we can support each other. It’s a lot harder to fall off the wagon when there’s someone else looking to make sure you’re still hanging on!

In the meantime, here’s what else is going on around here…


Cooking… We kept it all about Christmas last month, with gingerbread and sugar cookies, my family’s favorite cinnamon rolls, and a spiced beef tenderloin with Creole mustard cream sauce worthy of a Christmas feast! And at the last minute, I added my current favorite scones! This month, I’ve got a trio of comfortable winter soups and stews coming up, as well as a couple breakfast items and my current favorite pork chop recipe!

Building… That fireplace in the media room – finally! We finally finished it! We’ll share what we did around here soon, but you’ll probably see it pop up on my Instagram first. Other than that, we’re putting together a crafting table for my office so that all the random stuff I have throughout the house – sewing machine, Cricut machine, wood burning kit, pastels and Prismacolor markers, etc. – has a place to live. And we’re tackling both our garage organization and the pantry cabinets in the kitchen! Busy month!

Exploring… Scott and I were starting lunch dates. We’re trying to take a long lunch together at least once a month just to catch up, sometimes alone, sometimes with Marcus if one of us has the day off and we have him at home with us. We tried out Hen Quarter in Old Town Alexandria for the first time as a little family and are looking forward to returning! We also explored the 2018 White House Christmas tour to not only see the infamous red cranberry trees first-hand, but appreciate the work that so many volunteers and permanent staffers did to showcase the place {you can see some highlights on my Instagram}. My favorite? The Green Room, decorated for bountiful harvests and showcasing American produce.

Reading… I’m looking for a new fun fiction book for the train ride to and from work. I need something that will wake my brain up in a gentle manner and help me wind down on the way home. Think beach reading. Something not all that cerebral. The intellectual equivalent of a half-caf mocha with extra whip. Suggestions?

Training… Time to start ramping up the miles – I’m getting the chance to run the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in April! It’s one of my favorite races to run in the DC area, but I’ve got some work to do before running it. It’s amazing how fast your muscles go when you don’t do anything with them. In addition to running, I’m phasing back into strength training, and adding back in a day for the pool and a day for yoga. Not looking forward to how crowded the gym will be at the beginning of the month…

New on the Blog… A lot of my favorite recipes have been inspired by our travels and adventures, and I think sharing those gives you some extra context behind the recipes. So each month, I’m going to reach back into my archives and share some adventures that gave me culinary inspiration, and the food lessons and recipes that resulted from those. I’m calling the series “Food Exploring,” so keep an eye out for it! I’m kicking it off with a trip to Vegas and an experience cooking with expert chefs in a Michelin star kitchen.

Loving… All the family we got to see last month! My sister came in to visit with us and her nephew and let me talk her into running the Jingle All the Way 5K with me {nothing says love like hanging out at the Washington Monument with your sister in 30-degree weather waiting to run!}. And my in-laws were able to come out to meet their grand-baby for the first time! We can’t wait for our next visits!

So what are you guys up to, currently?

6 thoughts on “Currently :: January 2019

  1. I love that you guys are doing lunch dates! That’s such a great idea to catch up.

    And someday I’ll run Cherry Blossom. I was injured last year and can’t make it work this year, so maybe next year?!

    1. We’re trying to get creative! We’ve got date ideas for the evening, but babysitters are expensive, we haven’t found one we like, and we kind of like being around little man after a long day of work! Hope you do get a time to run the Cherry Blossom! It’s a gorgeous course (if the trees are in bloom and haven’t frozen) and better than that, it’s wicked flat!!

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