Currently :: December 2018

Hey there, friends – happy December!

Rolling into the holiday season, I feel equal parts prepared and unprepared. This year’s Christmas cards are not only ordered, but they’re sitting on my desk and a number of them are even addressed! Way farther than I made it with last year’s cards – and I planned ahead by not even ordering Christmas cards but ordering Happy New Year cards. We’ve got the holiday decorations up, brought in our tree {and it is a beast}, and have been cooking up a storm for friends and are anticipating doing the same for family this month.

At the same time, I’m still working on a long term daycare plan for little man. There still aren’t any openings in the daycare we’re trying to get him into or the adjacent ones. My friend will take him again for December fortunately, but she’s hugely busy with her own boys and her new book business. We may have to bite the bullet and hire a nanny, but that takes a lot of work and a lot of trust. It’s not easy being the primary bread-winner and fighting your instincts as an overprotective mama.

Someone sent me a quote photo that said, “Mama Bear is a cute way of saying that I’ll rip you open and eat your insides if you ever harm my child.” Truer words have not been spoken.

I’ll be taking some time off this month when my sister and my in-laws visit us. Karen hasn’t seen Baby Bean since he was a new, new, newborn, and it’ll be my in-laws’ first time meeting him! We’ll also be celebrating mini-Christmases with each of them. We know, as many military families know, that holidays can be celebrated whenever you’re together, and we like the extra celebrations.

In the meantime, here’s what else is going on around here…


Cooking… November was a big month for recipes! I offered up a roast turkey breast alternative to the whole turkey, my favorite mulled hot cider, caramel apple cheesecake, cornbread, a great sandwich to make use of your Turkey Day leftovers, and these tasty cranberry macadamia oatmeal cookies with white chocolate chips! I may work a craft or two in this month, but I’ve got more holiday recipes coming, and a few more cookies to enjoy!

Building… We wrapped up little man’s nursery, even though it’s going to be some time before we actually move him into it. Then, I actually took a full day off to take delivery of a new buffet sideboard downstairs and attack all the piles of stuff and pending projects that have been building up over the last year or so! All the clutter was driving me absolutely bonkers. As part of that, I made over an old shelf we had by painting it and giving it legs, and built this printer’s cabinet IKEA hack from Maison de Pax for my library. You might have seen it pop up in my Instagram, but seriously, this thing is brilliant. And we’ve finally begun work on the fireplace in earnest!

Exploring… Less exciting to read about than exploring new places, but Scott and I are exploring how to be ourselves independent from parenting. It sounds odd, but as a new parent, so much of your life is all about your little one. But that’s just not sustainable. We’ve been going out on outings on our own and meeting up for lunch dates when we can. And as soon as we find a reliable babysitter we like, we’re planning on doing a routine date night to get in touch with being together again.

Reading… My train ride is a great time, I’ve realized, to skim through iBooks on my phone. On the serious side, I’m re-reading Friedman’s Thank You for Being Latea must read for any fan of chaos theory and its associated philosophies. And I’m also digging back into the Throne of Glass series. The story and the writing reminds me of the Tamora Pierce novels I used to gobble up as a teenage bookworm.

Training… Slowly but surely, training to get in shape again – for what seems to be the last regular Army physical fitness test I’ll have to take. The new fitness test is scheduled to roll out next October. I’m actually excited about it – except for the knees-to-elbows bit hanging from a bar. The ab strength you need for that requires training anyway, and, let’s be honest, my kid is only four months old. My abs exist, but they’re weak and shriveled and buried under a combination of residual pregnancy tummy and holiday tummy right now.

Loving… Those first few days of holiday decorations and holiday music where you really feel the spirit of it! After a while, it starts grating on me a little, especially when I realize I haven’t finished cards or gift shopping, but for right now, I’m soaking it all in. And watching little man gaze with amazement at the twinkling lights on his first Christmas tree!

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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