Currently :: November 2018

Hey there, friends, and happy November!

The months are ticking right along! I can’t believe we’ve already left October behind and are rolling our way into the holiday season. Well, if I’m being perfectly honest, I can believe it – because those were some pretty packed and busy days!

For one thing, I headed back to work and once the shine wore off the proverbial apple and people had already seen all the baby pictures I brought with me {because as the moms among my readers know, as soon as you have that baby, it’s aaaaaaaall about the baby}, I immersed myself back in the realm of adult language, office supplies, meetings, more meetings, and still more meetings.

It’s been different than I expected. Easier in a lot of ways, harder in some unexpected ways. One of the biggest bonuses is the lovely lady who offered to take our baby boy during the day until we could get him into the daycare we wanted. She’s saving us a heck of a commute, and Baby Bean is in love with her sons as well, so it’s more like taking him to an extended play date than anything!

So little man is loving life while Scott and I are working out our pick-up and drop-off schedules, new morning and evening routines, and I’m navigating the ignoble world of pumping at work – and no matter how nice our lactation rooms are, it’s still awkward to excuse yourself several times a day carrying a big lunch cooler and your water bottle. My office can’t complain, though. I print off plenty of plans and regs to review while I pump.

In the meantime, here’s what else is going on around here…


Cooking… More and more! We’re gaining more confidence as parents – especially now that we’re armed with a pretty awesome baby monitor – so we can leave little man snoozing in his bed in the morning and go make a decent breakfast rather than trading off a quick standing breakfast with someone staying with him. Our multi-story house is great for hosting family, but really inconvenient if you’ve got a brand new baby! But anyway, I shared my cider donuts and loaded baked potato soup last month, and this month, I’ve got some holiday Turkey-day recipes coming up!

Building… The final touches for little man’s nursery. I showed you the beginnings of his name sign last week, and this week, I’m just getting the last of the junk out of the room, putting in his toy shelf, and snapping photos for the final One Room Challenge reveal! After that, we intended to tackle the mudroom and library, but we’ve decided to punt those projects until we have better weather, as we need the wet saw to replace some of the mudroom tile, and the library project has grown considerably in scope. More on that later. In the meantime, we’re shifting our focus to finishing off the media room and media room fireplace!

Exploring… I took little man to the office with me this month, where he was a huge hit. We also took him to a friend’s birthday party, to brunch with friends, out for family photos, and to a few other places. It’s been cold enough lately that I’m hesitant to have him out for too long, and I’m not sure how much of that is legitimate concern and how much is first time mom anxiety. Probably some of both. Anyway, we have a couple little excursions planned this month, but most of the month we’re planning on being homebodies. And we’re debating whether to be home for Thanksgiving or to take friends up on their invitations.

Reading… Remember what I mentioned before? Really boring documents during pumping. Hey, at least they relax me. That’s something.

Training… To get back in running shape again! I’ve been hitting Orangetheory Fitness at least once a week lately in an effort to jumpstart my pregnancy-fat burning process, and I’ve been working more runs into my schedule. I knocked out the Marine Corps Marathon 10K at the end of October, and I’m super proud of myself for having completed it. About halfway in, my knees, hips, shins, and just about every muscle in my body started protesting mightily and reminding me that I spent, well, about nine months this year doing nothing. Okay, I walked, but walking is not running. But I ran and speed-walked the rest of that 10K. Momma power.

Loving… My team for forcing me to make a gradual return to the office, to get ramped up and re-integrated before I start grabbing extra work and special projects. They’re definitely protecting me from some potential workaholic tendencies, and I’m absolutely grateful. I’m also beyond grateful to our friends who are taking our little man during the day. It was a whole lot easier to go to work knowing that he was being cared for in a good home by people we knew, trusted, and knew would dote on him and care for him.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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