Currently :: September 2018

Hi there, friends, and happy September!

For a lot of you, the back to school vibe is everywhere and tinges of fall are in the air. I’m hopeful we’ll feel some of those tinges of fall here in D.C. soon in the form of cool mornings with open windows and fresh breezes, but right now, the highs are still hanging out in the 90’s and the central AC is still on in full force. And while we just celebrated our little Baby Bean’s one month birthday, he’s a long way from going back to school. And, fortunately, from going to daycare. I still have two more months of maternity leave before we have to bundle up little man for his first day of baby school – and I’m going to need every minute of that time to prepare myself for it.

I’m hopeful that those couple of months, though, will be filled with some fun adventures for our little man. His first few trips out of the house were just for his well-baby appointments, and I’m looking forward to doing things with him that don’t involve taking him back to the hospital. That will be easier to do if it’s not ridiculously hot out!

In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on…


Cooking… After being totally spoiled with my mom’s cooking last month, I’ve tried to get into the groove. Mom has a great assortment of fresh, simple, healthy, and delicious meals she can whip together, and even though they’re simple, she really makes the individual ingredients shine. She’s inspired me to get back to basics and to remember more doesn’t necessarily mean more. This month, expect some fall comfort food to make its appearance, along with plenty of cider recipes!

Building… The past month, pretty much all projects have come to a screeching halt. I know, I know, I’m not seeing anyone’s surprised face. However, Scott and I have a pretty good tag-team operation going on now when it comes to our little one, and we’re starting to get things done. Most of my work has been on our little man’s room, but I’m also working on finishing up the library and Scott is finally finishing our mudroom. After that, we’re putting a hold on big projects and working on a few simple décor projects for our finished spaces.

Decorating… I meant to get to work on little man’s room but just haven’t gotten there yet. That’s my main focus this month. A lot of it is just sorting through and making sure we can access all the wonderful things friends and family have sent us, that we have all the 0-3 month things in our room with him and that everything else gets cleaned and put away for when he’s ready for it. He’s growing so fast, I know that will come soon. And we’ll blink and he’ll be ready for his own room.

Exploring… Right now, most of my exploring is to find places to take little man on walks. We mostly cruise around the neighborhood right now, but every time we go, he pays more and more attention to his environment and gets more excited. I’m looking forward to him being able to sit up a little more in his ring sling and turn around to face forward in his stroller so he can take it all in.

Loving… This little village of ours helping us with our boy. My awesome mother, who dropped everything to come and take care of us so we could take care of our bean. Everyone who gifted us with hand-me-down baby clothes and toys so that we won’t have to buy anything for months and also won’t feel guilty about him growing too fast to use half of it. All the advice and encouragement friends are sending from around the world thanks to social media. Meeting new friends going through the same stage of parenthood and sharing in the joys and woes. My heart is full.

So what are you guys up to this month?

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