Currently :: August 2018

Hey there, friends, and happy August!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen our news, but for those who haven’t, we finished off July with the three week early arrival of our beautiful son! I am now the mama of the most beautiful precious baby boy I have ever laid eyes on, and we’re enjoying so much support from family and friends that my heart is exploding. What a way to start off August!

I am so in love with this tiny little human, you guys. Will fill you in more on his arrival once we’ve gotten ourselves all situated. Here’s a bit of what else has been going on…


Cooking… I have sadly been cooking less and less these days (especially with no AC – more on that later!), but I hope to get after that. Healthy food is critical to producing good food for Baby Bean, and for my recovery and eventual fitness levels. The next few months, I’ll be working on quick healthy meals you can either prep on the fly or bulk prep ahead of time. Please send me suggestions!

Building… We finished the trimming, painting, and everything in the master bedroom! It was really exciting to be able to share an actual room reveal with you guys last month, and we’re so pleased with how our blue and green and white oasis of a master bedroom turned out. The perfect spot to bring home our Baby Bean! We still have trimwork and painting to finish in the mudroom and library, so we’re hoping to get that done pretty quickly. However, we’ve had a few distractors from construction lately…like…

Buying… Thanks to the May windstorms we had that took shingles off our roof, we had to get someone out to look at the roof. And it turned out the shingles we have were discontinued. They’re not any good anyway, but that translated into buying a whole new roof. Fortunately, we have really good home insurance, but we still had to pay our deductible. Cha-ching.

To make matters even better, right before everyone was coming out for our baby shower, I decided to get our plumbing inspected and the faulty faucet in the guest bath fixed finally. And we discovered, while doing the inspection, that the water heater was four years older than its ten year recommended life and was bowing somewhat dramatically. New water heater. Cha-ching.

And just last weekend, one of our air conditioning compressors just straight up died. So…yeah. Cha-ching. Our home and travel budget for the rest of this year, if not next, is officially blown. Yes, I’m grateful we had the resources to spend, and I’m grateful that we now live in a nice house with a working water heater and air conditioner and a roof that keeps us safe and dry, especially in time to bring home Baby Bean. But come on!!

Decorating… We’re still putting stuff away from the massive second floor renovation, but we’re finally getting around to a project I’ve really been looking forward to – Baby Bean’s nursery! Our friends at Two Marines helped us get the bedroom set out of our guest room over to our friends’ house and now little man’s room is all crib and cuteness. He won’t be in it for a while, but it makes me happy to set it up for him.

Exploring… Just a day or two prior to heading to the hospital, we finally visited Brabo in Old Town Alexandria with some of our friends. It’s a lovely Belgian/French restaurant with great ambiance and great steak frites! We will definitely be making a return trip and posting a review.

Loving… Motherhood. You guys, my heart has never been so full. Just so in love.

So, holy mackerel, we just had a kid! What are you guys up to this month?

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