Currently :: July 2018

Hey there, friends! Happy July!

Yes, it totally blows my mind that it’s July. Mostly because the months of July and August, when our little man is due, have been looming out so far on the calendar, I haven’t really been thinking about them. But here we are. We’re rolling over the hump and into the second half of 2018, and next month, Next Month, somehow, saying a prayer that all goes well, I’ll be bringing our son into the world. I’m stunned.

We’ve finished up the master bedroom, most of the library, and the mudroom in preparation for our little guy’s arrival – and for the arrival of all the guests we have coming this month. We’re hosting most of our combined families at one point or another, hosting a baby shower or two, and have a few more things planned. We’ll be sharing how the room renovations look finally and a little bit about the events, pending my energy levels holding and little man not making an early arrival {knocking furiously on wood that he keeps baking until his due date and that all goes well there}.

It’s been an adventure, this year we’ve had of pregnancy and domesticity. Scott and I were talking the other day about how this has been the absolute longest we’ve gone in forever without getting on a plane somewhere, or loading up the car to go adventuring, or even lacing up our shoes for a road race. While I miss the adventures, it’s also been very nice to get to know our town, meet our neighbors, visit with our friends, and have people come to us. It’s been an adventure of a different sort.

Not that we haven’t kept busy in other ways. Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on…


Cooking… This month’s cravings manifested in the form of a big sweet tooth. I’m very grateful that my one-hour glucose test came back just fine and trying not to test my luck, but it’s nice being able to nibble on something sweet now and then. This month I shared this red white and blue chocolate cake. It’s primarily here so I can see if I’m making any progress on cake decorating, because the chocolate cake itself is from A Classic Twist and You Need To Try It Now. I also shared my cookies ‘n’ cream milkshakes, crab cakes with tomato and corn salsa, and Caprese burgers. Good start!

Building.. We’re assembling more than building, but this month it’s crib, bassinet, stroller, car seats, baby carriers…all the important things we’re going to need in the near future! We’re also putting together plans for our little man’s room, which we’ll convert as soon as our guests are done using it! Other than that, we’ve got a lot of trimwork and painting to get done to complete the mudroom and library. The mudroom is the priority, though. It’s the first place in the house our guests will see, and we want it to be clean, bright, and welcoming. So we’re working on that.

Exploring… We’ve been homebodies lately, as I’ve had less and less energy. We did get out and about for the Army Birthday Ball as you can see in the picture above {please ignore my oh so stylish staff lanyard}, a lakeside promotion party for one of my work buddies, and a couple other events, but we didn’t do our usual exploring. It was in the car, go to the event, back in the car, go home and take a nap. I’m such an exciting person to hang with right now, I know. But cut me some slack, I’m eight month’s pregnant here!

Planning… Parties! Well, we’re not doing all of the planning, but we’re helping facilitate a few baby parties. Scott’s and my office are both wanting to get out and celebrate, and then we’re hosting a bunch of friends and family at the house for a baby party. Doesn’t “baby party” sound like more fun than “baby shower?” I hate asking people for gifts. Instead, we’d rather have the gift of their presence to come hang out with us – before we’re sleep deprived zombies that can’t do much more than make it to the fridge or to the baby to feed him.

Reading… I’m hoping to dust off a book or two this month and next, as my mobility goes down and my desire to just sit and put my feet up goes up. There are a bunch of books on my professional reading list that are calling my name, and I just got a couple of new fun ones from Amazon. You know, things to skim on my phone while I’m up at weird hours feeding a little person. I’ll have to update this when I figure out where to start!

Loving… Our friends and family and co-workers and everyone who has just been so ridiculously supportive of us during this pregnancy. You guys for continuing to come around here and visit and leave encouraging comments. And our awesome, awesome photographer, Rachel of Rachel K Photography, who did our maternity photos recently! We had so much fun hanging out with her and being on the other side of the camera for once, in a beautiful location we’d love to explore again. Can’t wait to share them with you!

So, what are you guys up to this month?