The Journey Begins

Hi, I’m Kristin, and this is my incredibly supportive husband, Scott. He’s the reason this little blog, along with so many of my creative endeavors, is in existence at all {please wait for us to get some more content up before you decide if that’s good or bad!}.

I’m a career Army officer and a recovering workaholic. I’ve been in a lot of positions where we’ve needed to work crisis hours, around the clock, often in far flung countries. I’ve also been in positions that are a little more toxic, where the metrics for success that our bosses judged us by were the number of hours spent at our desks, the number of late nights, the number of missed events. As a boss myself, that isn’t how I want to run my team. And as a wife and soon to be mom, I owe it to my family to unplug from work and be more present for them.

My husband’s idea? Quite simply, get a hobby. Find something to do that I’m passionate about and I have fun doing just for the sake of doing. Something that would help me unplug from the world of work but might also help our family come together and spend more quality time together. But what?

The answer to that one, if you know me, is pretty easy. Food.

I love to cook. I’ve loved to cook since I was a child and my mom taught me all her favorite cookie recipes and Scandinavian treats she learned from my Swedish grandfather and my dad immersed me in the fine French cooking and Cajun and Cuban flavors he grew up with in Miami. Wherever we’ve lived and wherever we’ve traveled, I’ve immersed myself in the accent terroir and tried to learn the stories food tells about a place.

And there’s not much I love more than packing our enormous table full of people and food, no matter what the occasion. All happiness truly requires is a full home, a full heart, and a full belly! But it’s also important to have fresh and healthy ingredients, and beyond important to sit down together as a family and gather together after the day over a meal.

Cooking is something I feel like I will never get bored with. I’m always experimenting with different flavor combinations, colors, and textures, along with indulging my inner would be interior designer {I blame watching way too much Fixer Upper} and playing with different ways of decorating and setting the table. If we truly eat with our eyes first, as they say, then a beautiful, simple, and welcoming home and table are an important ingredient of good eating as well! I love working to transform our home and watching how it flavors the gatherings we have around our table.

My hope for this blog is simple – to share with you the joy I have in exploring the worlds of food, family, and gathering, both at home and wherever my little family wanders, and to spark in you the same joy these things give me. And to give us all a little opportunity to gather, break virtual bread, and unplug away from our daily grinds.

Pour yourselves a glass and sit down with me for a virtual meal or two, a few adventures at home and abroad, or just some fun dinnertime stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

    1. We’ll have to add you guys to my test kitchen invite – or just plain have you over for dinner anyway! Excited you’re coming this way!

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